JAX IT Questionnaire

This will be based on the information in FileMaker. If the given name is not what you would like to go by, please enter the correct information above otherwise leave blank.

Upload "About This Mac" Screenshot

Please provide us with the information about your computer. Go to the Apple icon located in the top left corner of the screen, in this list click on the “About This Mac”, screenshot the window that pops up in the center of your screen with the “Overview” tab.
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Using the link provided below, please book time with IT that works best with your schedule.

We will try to address any outstanding tickets you already have submitted.

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If emails are not moved into Outlook, they will still exist in the Mail application.

Photo For M365 Account

A photo will be required to be uploaded to your M365 account. This is not required to have before your time slot, however you will need to upload it yourself if you choose to do it later.
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